Brand: The sum total of how someone perceives your organization.

Branding: The shaping of that perception.

- Ashley Friedlein

Unified Branding

We believe a great brand is a brand that is unified in the message it's communicating to your audience.

No contradictory information or garbled communication; a solid foundation from which you do business. A great brand builds trust with your clientele by communicating who you are, and what they can expect from you.

Unified Branding Infographic
Conversations for Coffee


Don't have the money? Take me out for coffee instead. (Virtually or locally)
There's nothing worse then starting off on the wrong foot with your brand. Buy me a coffee and let me help you start off right.

What you can expect: I'll take a half hour of my time to give you actionable advice, warn you of potential pitfalls down the road, and give you stern warning about EVER using Comic Sans or Papyrus, all for free (other than the cost of a coffee.)

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Breaking Down Our Services

Graphic Design

Logo design is only a small part of the Graphic Design work that we do on a monthly basis. Instead of hiring in-house design personnel, consider using us for your graphical needs.

Web Development

Using mainly Joomla! and Wordpress as flexible development platforms, we build focused, user-friendly, responsive websites in all shapes and sizes, with SEO in mind.

Print Media

Business cards, brochures, and other print media. When developing graphics for print, we always use both Pantone and CMYK colors. We work directly with your printer, or recommend one for you.